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Brass Electrical Parts
Brass Electrical Parts are offered in assorted types that include socket, toggle switch, sheet cutting and spare fasteners. The electrical parts are corrosion resistance and long lasing in life. These are fabricated in various sizes, styles and shapes.
Brass Pin
For an effective electrical supply to various electrical appliances, Brass Pins are provided by us. These are electro-mechanical devices that help in forming ab electrical circuit by joining electrical transmissions. These are corrosion resistant and give last longing functioning.
Brass Precision Part
We are offering Brass Precision Parts to our clients. These are extensively utilized in faucet components, gas hoses, pneumatic fittings, cooling equipment and many others to name. The parts have the ability to withstand high temperatures without their wear and tear.
Brass Terminal
For processing precision applications, we are providing best quality Brass Terminals. These have good electrical and heat conductivity owing to which they offer safer utilization. The terminals help in avoiding the situations of shocks arising at the junction.
Brass Nuts
In order to fasten various parts together, our offered Brass Nuts are utilized in conjunction with a mating bolt. These are installed in machines that functions by causing a rotatory movement. The nuts also aid in reducing vibrations in machinery.
Brass Bolt
We are providing our clients a wide range of Brass Bolts. These have mechanical properties owing to which are used in the production of different industrial and commercial products. The bolts have a rugged configuration that protect them from wearing and tearing.
Brass Neutral Link
Our offered array of Brass Neutral Links are used for production of various kinds of circuit protectors that help in protecting electrical boards from short circuits. These are widely utilized in electronic and telecommunications industries as well as aid in power distribution.

Brass Fuse Parts
Brass Fuse Parts are used for clamping or fixing the things at stationary place. These are easy to install and require less maintenance. They are made from high grade brass material and electroplated with other zinc metal.
Brass Bush
Wide range of efficiently working Brass Bushings are supplied by us. These are made from good quality brass that provide them excellent resistance to physical impact as well as corrosion. The bushings are installed in machines in order to reduce vibrations.
Brass Fuse Contacts

For protecting the electrical components from the harmful effects of excessive current flow, Brass Fuse Parts are offered by us. These are used in all the sectors of the economy and assures safe working of the electrical equipment and devices.

Plastic Lamp Holder Body
Plastic Lamp Holder Body is manufactured from CNC technology machines with high end edges. These are made from strong thermoplastic body frame and uniformed ring coil at one end. The holders are used for fixing the small bulb.
Toggle Switch
Use our three position Toggle Switch for on & offing lighting bulb and other electrical appliance. These are made from hard metal body frame and equipped with standard quality capacitors and resistors. They consume 6 to 20 amp current for regulating the circuits.
Aluminium Holder Ring
Aluminium Holder Ring is used in bulb and other products for holding the fasteners and bolts in place. These are anodized in nature and made from aluminum metal. They are weather resistance and durable in quality.
Brass Stud
Brass Stud is used in manufacturing of switches for holding the wires point in place. The stud is electroplated with brass and nickel coating for making them corrosion resistance and durable in quality. It is easy to rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
Brass Screw
Brass Screws are provided in different shapes that include hexagonal, round and square. These are chrome plated with gold finishing. They are used for tightening and loosening the wires and other electrical appliances.
Brass Sleeve
Brass Sleeves are designed in different types viz. furniture bolt, drilling and broaching. These are made from high grade brass metal material and chrome plated with gold finishing. They are rust resistance, strong and durable in quality.
Brass Hollow Rivets
Brass Hollow Rivets are utilized in machines as permanent connection for two different wires at junctions. These are round in shape and have hollow tube channel for passing the wire from one side to another. The rivets are available in various dimensions as per requirement of the customers.
Brass Electrical Strip
Saryu Brass Electrical Strips are provided in various accurate millimeter dimensions. These are used for making terminal block connections with tight & stable junction. They are made from brass material with sliver and nickel chrome plating.
Brass Mini Cable Gland
Brass Mini Cable Glands have excellent waterproof and flameproof properties. These are offered with both mini gland and coupler for tightly fixing the cable connection. They are fabricated in shape of hexagonal and have uniform ring coiling.
Plastic Lamp Holder
A Plastic Lamp Holder is mechanical devices that support lamps and connect them to electrical circuits. They hold light bulbs and make electrical contact to provide a bulb with power. They are very efficient and useful. 

Brass Plug Pins
The supplied Brass Plug Pins act as a means of connecting plug to the electrical point. Second, each pin is connected to neutral, live, and earth wires to facilitate the electricity flow safely. They are very efficient. 
Brass Lamp Holder Pin
We are offering here the Brass Lamp Holder Pin in various types that are made for use in the various kinds of lamps. It is easy to install and has a long life. It is very efficient.   
Brass Toggle Switch Part
The supplied Brass Toggle Switch Part is a switch that can play crucial switching roles in circuits. Toggle switches come in a range of shapes and sizes, though, and potential applications are just as diverse as their designs.
Electrical Brass Bush
High quality Electrical Brass Bush is offered by us that that is used to support the motor shaft. A variety of reasons exist why brass is used. First, it is cheap and plentiful. Second, it has anti-friction properties.
Brass Electrical Terminal
The Brass Electrical Terminal is used for the hot wires, and the silver terminals are for the neutral wires. If there is only one hot wire and one neutral wire in the electrical box, the hot wire can connect to either brass terminal. 
Brass Hex Nut
A Brass Hex Nut is corrosion resistant in wet environments, electrically conductive, and nonmagnetic. About half the height of standard hex nuts, they are useful in low-clearance applications but have less tensile strength.
Brass Bush and Bolt
The offered Brass Bush and Bolt is made for use in the various commercial and industrial applications. The brass is an alloy made primarily of copper and zinc. The proportions of the copper and zinc are varied to yield many different kinds of brass.
Brass Electronic Insert
Brass Electronic Insert is nonmagnetic, mildly corrosion resistant, and electrically conductive. The inserts are an excellent choice for projects involving softer materials like soft wood, hard wood, thermoset plastics and thermoplastics. 
Brass Ceiling Rose
 The Brass Ceiling Rose can be altered to produce different types of brass. The brass fittings offer reliable, leak-free connection solutions to suit most high pressure and high temperature applications.

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