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Quality That Matters

For a manufacturing company like ours, the most important thing to ensure that the manufactured products are of best quality. We being a brass electrical parts manufacturing entity, make no compromise with the quality of our products as they are the face of the company.  Products which we produce such as Brass Pins, Brass Nuts, Brass Screws, Brass Fuse Parts, etc. are made by using highest grade material like brass, aluminium, etc. which we source from the top most brands in India. Every single product in our company has to go through a series of strict quality checking procedures conducted by our experts.

Business Philosophies

Every company run according to their philosophies on which they strongly believe similarly, our firm make sure to follow below listed philosophies:

  • Work as a team so that the employees can achieve their targets on time as well as attain company goals.
  • Management should encourage and motivate the employees so that they use their skills to the fullest.
  • Maintain transparency in the working system and promote ethical way of operating the business.

Experience That Matters

Expertise is one such thing which comes from experience which is one of the major factors behind company success. Working since 2004, our more than 10 years of rich experience empower us to come up with an incredible  range of Brass Screws, Brass Fuse Parts, Brass Pins, Brass Nuts, etc. Our expertise not only reflects in our products quality but also our way of handling the business, preparing plans & strategies and managing good relations with the customers.

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